Testimonials        It is a seriously wonderful feeling to create something which makes people so joyful; something they are proud to show their friends and family; something that makes them smile every day!  Here is what happy clients had to say:


"My partner and I bought an old house and decided to do a complete renovation.  We asked Yaya to help design a mosaic in the kitchen based on an idea I had for a scene.  Yaya drew on her knowledge, experience and artistic talent to create a very beautiful, unique and imaginative artwork that is now the focal piece in our kitchen.  Although we were stressed by the home renovation, Yaya's professionalism, warm and good vibrations alleviated a lot of our anxiety.  Not only did she keep to the schedule and meet established deadlines, Yaya also listened to our wishes and they were reflected in her work.  She used a variety of vibrant colours, textures and different elements to create a feeling of movement in the mosaic.  Many details of the initial drawings appeared to be ridiculously complicated to replicate in tile, but Yaya did it brilliantly!  I definitely recommend to anyone who wants to add a noteworthy and elegant piece of original art to their home, commission Yaya to plan, advise and design magnificent mosaics full of colours and textures.  Thanks Yaya!"

Lynda Rodriguez Bustos, Toronto


"When the project of producing a mosaic on two corner walls of my kitchen was proposed, Yaya was the perfect person to bring it into reality.  Her enthusiasm and creative ideas were endless.  She listened to me, the client, always respectful of my wishes, always incorporating them into her concept.  Yaya produced a drawing for my approval, and showed me the materials and colours she would use, always willing to adjust, as her own ideas took on new shapes.  The materials she had at her disposal were so varied and so interesting, and she incorporated seemingly disparate elements into a beautiful whole.  She checked with me as the work progressed in order to ensure that I continued to be satisfied, which I was.  Yaya was reliable, and it was a true delight to have her in the house.  She never intruded, and in fact, quite the opposite.  My days were brighter and more fun when she was working in my kitchen.  I would recommend to anyone interested in having a unique artwork to look at and enjoy every day, to ask Yaya to be the one to realize this."

Dori Levine, Toronto


"Yaya started by patiently drawing out and helping us articulate our preferences for colour, style, space and texture.  She then used her abundant skill and artistry to breathe life into our dream, and through her hard work, tied together various elements, colours and textures in our newly renovated kitchen.

Yaya is good humoured, flexible and listened to what  we wanted, and her love or art and of the mosaic art form comes across during every stage of the process.

We are thrilled to have Yaya's art in our kitchen and never tire of looking at it, being drawn into it, being amazed by its beauty and feeling very fortunate to have been able to work closely with Yaya as she created something so beautiful."

Cheryl and Zvika Gaster,  Toronto


"Working with Yaya was so much fun!  I had rejected the easy, go-to solution of a stainless steel backsplash for our newly-renovated, very modern large eat-in kitchen/family room, but then needed to come up with something that would suit the warm blues, whites, blacks and grays of the space's colour scheme.  Despite our architect's trepidation, I decided to work with Yaya on a mosaic and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.  Yaya was excited to use her skill and imagination to create something completely abstract that would complement and highlight what makes the space special.  She was completely open to my suggestions and worked with me to come up with something that suits the place perfectly.  Yaya is an amazingly talented artist, but what makes her even more special is her ability to listen and to 'feel' the space and what it needs to come into focus.  Now, when people walk into the room, they immediately notice how the mosaic brings the whole place together.  I couldn't be happier with Yaya's work!"

Anna Korteweg, Toronto